New Baby Checklist

You find out you’re pregnant, and the next 9 months become crucial. You feel as if the whole world is on top of you and you try to think of what you need to buy. It’s difficult! I’m such an organised person, and definitely a worrier, so as soon as I found out at 5 weeks, I felt as if I was already in a rush to get everything in. Now, I’m not really superstitious, and I know that people say you should wait until your first scan to ensure everything is all okay before you go out buying things. Well, not me. I was out on my 6th week buying a travel system, crib, bouncer, clothes, the lot! So, when it came to my 12 week scan, I was bricking it! Even though I bought all of the big items very early on, I was 35 weeks pregnant and still hadn’t sorted any of the essential stuff – nipple pads, maternity pads, changing mat etc. I’ve devised a checklist, if or when I have another one, and obviously for other first time mums!

  • Car seat.
  • Moses basket or crib – although, Harlow could’ve slept in a cot bed from day one if I let her!
  • Travel system – usually consists of a carrier and pram in two settings.
  • Sling or carrier. Mine was amazing and bought for me when Baby H was one month old!
  • Cot and mattress.
  • Changing mat – I don’t really use mine but I know I may do when Harlow starts on solids.
  • Changing bag – always good to get one just in case, but I just put everything in a backpack!
  • Nappies (& lots of them!) – Harlow started at size 0, and by 4 months she was in size 3.
  • Baby bath – I only used mine a handful of times because it felt awkward for me.
  • Bath seat – So, when I invested in a bath seat, Harlow would happily sit in the big bath without any issues.
  • Nail scissors or files – Babies may be small, but their nails sharp and deadly!
  • Towels – I got hooded ones.
  • Baby grows (long and short sleeved!)
  • Vests.
  • A couple of hats. Harlow literally only wore three or four different ones as she’d usually cry with them on.
  • Scratch mits – I never used them. Mainly because, I know babies nails can be sharp, but I just hated the thought of her hands being trapped and her not being able to touch things. Plus, she learnt not to try and gorge her eyes out! (P.S My child has never been seriously hurt by her nails!)
  • Cardigans – Again, I still haven’t really used these.
  • Snow suit – Harlow only had one, and she was born in November. Came in handy but wish I had a selection.
  • Socks – A lot of Mum’s say there isn’t any point, but I love the fact she has mini socks, plus it keeps her feet extra warm as Harlow’s get cold quickly.
  • Dummies – Personal preference but Harlow only wants hers when going for a nap/to bed or when she’s upset.
  • Bibs – Only started using them when Harlow started teething properly and I presume will continue to when going onto solids.
  • Muslin squares – Never used but know Mum’s that do/did.
  • Nursing bras – Never needed but would advise just in case!
  • Nightgown – I bought one specifically to give birth in, but instead ended up giving birth in my favourite tshirt so would advise to get a couple and wear around your due date.
  • Breast pads – I didn’t need that many, but I know someone women leak a lot.
  • Breast pump – If you’re able to.
  • Steriliser – I have the cold water one. I just find it easier and it gives me something to do.
  • Baby monitor – I made the mistake of buying a monitor when Harlow was about 2 months old – best decision EVER!
  • A light that isn’t too bright but bright enough for night feeds and nappy changes.
  • Bouncer – Harlow LOVED hers from day one.
  • White noise machine. – For Harlow I use my bluetooth speaker and an app on my phone. Connect them up and I can still use my phone while Harlow listens to white noise. Although I am looking to invest in an Ewan the Sheep.
  • Swaddle Blanket – I came about the swaddling when asking for advice from another Mum. Honestly, best thing. Harlow doesn’t sleep properly without it now.
  • Play mat – Perfect for tummy time and keeping your baby occupied while you have some time to do some chores!
  • Bottles – The mistake I made was buying loads of the same brand. Don’t be fooled. Your baby may have a preference!

I think that’s everything, although if you think of anything, let me know and I can add it in!



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