My Changing Bag Essentials

To be honest, I need to sort out Harlow’s baby bag; mainly because I don’t think I’ve been doing it right. Sounds so crazy, right? Well, not for me. It’s not as if I need much, right? Wrong! I’ve decided I need to ensure I have teething gel, nappy rash cream, infacol, calpol, and hand sanitizer. So, baring in mind, this is what I’ll be packing altoghther!

-Bibs (2)
-Wipes (1 pack)
-Nappies (usually about 4)
-Dummie (and a spare)
-Soothing toy (Harlow has an adorable teething elephant rattle)
-Spare clothes (vest, sleep suit, socks)
-Nappy rash cream (Metanium)
-Teething gel (Anbesol)
-Hand sanitizer

Obviously as Harlow gets older, the contents will become less.


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