Laundry Hacks for a busy mum

To be honest, I’ve always been known to have a lot of washing. I was getting into the habit of wearing clothes only once, and then putting them down to wash; even if all I’d do all day was stay in the house. I had to remind myself that not everything needed to be washed after being worn once. So, now I know that, my washing has gone down extremely. Then, I had a baby. I like to wash Harlow’s things after she’s worn them once. Mainly because, I feel that she dribbles a lot – yet sometimes refuses to wear a bib, and she moves so much, surely her clothes don’t smell fresh!

Plan your laundry schedule. 
I like to do all of my washing on a Friday, but sometimes it does go into the Saturday. I only have two clothes horses at the moment, and obviously there’s only so much room on them. So, on the Friday, I may only be able to do two washes due to the clothes horses being full. Some of the clothes might be dry on the Saturday afternoon, especially if I have the back door open for a little while or the radiators on, so I can manage another wash on the Saturday. The clothes will then all be dry (hopefully!) on the Sunday, or Monday at the latest.

Plan your ironing schedule. 
I will admit, I’m not as much of a fan of ironing as I used to be. I actually will probably only iron something maybe once a month – if that! Although, I’m definitely the type to iron things as and when I need them instead of all at once. I would like to change that. If all of your clothes are dry by the Sunday/Monday, plan to do your ironing the very next day! Remember; it will take a few hours so make sure you have plenty to watch on TV or Youtube.

Keep your socks safe. 
I feel as if you put a load of socks in the washing machine, and by the time the load is completed, you sort out the wet clothes and you’re down by about 10 socks – all mismatched, ironically! Instead, make sure you have all of your socks in pairs before you put the wash on, that way you know you definitely had them beforehand.


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