Do’s and Don’ts of Pregnancy Shopping


Embrace your baby bump! I know being pregnant can be very daunting, especially on your style. Thinking you have to change your whole wardrobe to fit your forever growing bump. The best thing, is that all you need to buy are a few pairs of maternity jeans (if you don’t want to end up living in leggings like I did), and some tops. Okay, so you realistically need a full 9 months – maybe longer – worth of new maternity clothes. You can have as much fun buying and trying on maternity clothes, that you would buying your pre-pregnancy clothes.
Accept second-hand clothing from your friends and family. Honestly, the best thing I accepting. I had Baby H’s clothes completely sorted up until 3-6 months, and even had a few outfits for 6-9 months. I am constantly looking on Facebook Marketplace for bundles of baby clothes in the older months so I’m organised and prepared. Highly recommend accepting second hand. Cheaper and so fun to go through!


Sacrifice your fashion!  Just because you’re pregnant, doesn’t mean you need to wear rubbish clothing. Do not change your style because you have a bigger belly! There are so many good maternity clothes out there and you can definitely work with it instead of sacrificing the way you originally look.
Rush into buying maternity clothes too soon. The only piece of maternity clothing I bought was a pair of jeans. My tops still fit me due to being stretchy and I was so small, and I spent most of my time in either leggings or pajama bottoms.



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