Dress Baby Stress Free

When I first brought Harlow home, I honestly didn’t think she’d cry whenever I changed her clothes. At 3 months old, she’s a lot better, but she still has her days. It seemed to be a case of Harlow literally HATED being naked, but now? She loves it. It’s just a struggle to dress her without her thinking that the world is about to end. There are also stressful moments in dressing a baby that you may not have even considered. That’s where I come in to give some tips on how to dress a baby, stress free.

1. Avoid poop explosions.
You can roll down a onesie over the shoulders of your baby. That way, you don’t have to pull it over your baby’s head and potentially have poo go everywhere and have to wash them all over.

2. Baby shoes are a waste of time.
Would you want something that you don’t have any use of? Probably not. So, why buy a baby lots of pretty shoes that they won’t appreciate and can’t even wear.

3. Put tights on under vests.
It’ll keep them up and will stop them from falling down to their ankles within a short time; especially if you have an overactive baby like me.

4. Keep it simple!
You don’t have to dress your baby up in fancy clothes all of the time. If you’re staying in house, you can simply put another baby grow or vest on. Your baby doesn’t care.


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