My Growing Parental Confidence

Since becoming a parent, my confidence has grown so much. I was very self-conscious and shy when I was younger and into my teenage years. It has only been the past two years that I’ve been constantly growing in confidence. BUT, it has grown even more so, since I’ve been a mum. It’s all down to having to go out of your comfort zone a few times, and also trusting your instincts.

There are so many books, apps, and forums in which give you the best tips and advice when being a parent, but at the end of the day, it really is down to yourself and what you think works best for yourself and your baby.

When I first brought Harlow home, I was whispering in conversation and turning to TV down low. Then as time went on, I realised I didn’t have to talk quietly or have the TV on low, that if she wanted to sleep, she would regardless. Plus, Harlow loves white noise. As soon as it turns off, she usually realises and wakes.
I know I toot my own trumpet quite a lot about motherhood, but I have had a lot of confidence with Harlow since day one, but, my confidence is growing daily. It’s an incredible feeling knowing that because your confidence is growing, you’re giving your baby the best possible opportunities and life.



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