Trying To Stay Energised

It’s so difficult to stay energised when you’re trying to keep up with the needs of a little human. You’re trying to juggle every aspect of your life too. It’s exhausting! I thought it’d be a good idea to try and help those who need to keep their energy levels up.

1. Never skip breakfast.
I know a lot of people say this and honestly it’s a great help. Not only does it get your metabolism running for the day, but it gives you energy. It really is a great way to start the day.

2. Stay hydrated. 
There is nothing like a good glass of water. I wake up during the night to attend to the baby, and I always make sure I drink water before going back to sleep. I also make sure that I drink a pint of water when I first wake up. It has so many benefits, including; good skin, flushes your system, gives you energy and prevents headaches and fatigue from dehydration.

3. Get enough sleep. 
I know it’s difficult with a baby/child, and sometimes, your mind is in overdrive so it’s a bit difficult to settle, but if you can, make sure you have enough sleep. Nearly EVERY single night, I make the mistake of staying on my phone for about 2 hours just scrolling through social media and watching Youtube. I should realistically just go straight to sleep when my head hits the pillow. I think I’d have so much energy if I continue to make a point of going straight to sleep (or trying to!).

4. Switch off electronics early. 
This follows on from the point above. Instead of charging your brain with TV or your phone, the bright lights which (Scientifically Proven!) keep your brain active, turn them off earlier. Just sit in silence or read a book. It might make the above point a bit easier to achieve.

5. Have some me time. 
We all need it. Whether we’re parents or not. It’s so good and (I think) healthy to implement some me time in your schedule. I’ve made it a thing to not look at my phone as much on a Sunday. It’s a day where I’ll have a bath instead of a shower, I’ll clean (cleaning is definitely ‘me time’ for me!), I’ll plan my week ahead and just generally be more free.

6. Get some fresh air. 
Believe it or not, fresh air can make you feel more awake. Going outside can make you feel happier and more alive. Something so simple. I know there will always be days when you’d much rather stay inside, especially if it’s raining or cold, but when it isn’t… make the most of the days.



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