Thing You Don’t Need For Baby

Time is flying by, isn’t it? I think I’ve made a comment like that in almost every single blog post, but it baffles me! As a first time parent, you feel the need to buy every single thing under the sun. Thinking that your baby will DEFINITELY need it. Of course babies can be expensive, but they really don’t need to be. Even though I’m a first time mum, I didn’t buy any ‘essential’ stuff brand new. I bought it all second hand. As long as it’s in good condition, there really is nothing to worry about. In fact, even when I was careful with what I was buying, I realise now that I bought way too much, and Baby H doesn’t need it. Harlow is only 3 months old, and I’ve sold so many things due to this mistake. I decided to make a list of things that I didn’t and haven’t needed, in hope that it will help other first time parents.

1. A changing table.
Not once have I thought ‘Oh, I could really do with a table to change Harlow on.’ To be honest, I’d be worried about her falling off because she moves SO much! It’s lovely that there is a specific place that people have to change their baby, and also you have all the extra places to put nappies and wipes etc. But in all honesty, it’s a complete waste of money. Apart from when Harlow has visited the doctor, or the clinic, I have changed her on a changing mat on the floor and had no problems with it. It will also take up too much room, and it’s room that you could probably do with saving!
2. The most expensive travel system.
Now, I know so many people that go through so many travel systems and prams. To be honest, as long as it does the job and you somewhat like the style and the way it looks, is it really that much of a big deal? They can be so expensive, and they all do exactly the same thing. I bought a travel system (second hand) for Harlow very early on, and I ended up not liking it. I then bought another one very cheap and it’s lovely. You could definitely save money if you just realised they’re all the same.

3. Lots of bottles. 
As long as you keep on top of sterilising and preparing, then you don’t really need that many bottles. To begin with, I had about 12 all in all. I had two different brands too. Harlow ended up not liking one brand but liking the other and I think I had about 10 of the bottles she didn’t like and only 2 of the bottles she did. So I had to spend extra money to buy more of the bottles she does like.

4. A nappy bin. 
I really don’t understand these. I just put Harlow’s nappy into a nappy bag that I bought for 89p (100 pack) and then put the nappy into a ‘special’ bag I get from the council. I keep this bag outside, just purely because even though the smell is concealed, it does still smell eventually. In my opinion, a nappy bin is just a waste of time.

5. A bottle warmer. 
It takes just as long putting the bottle into a microwave that is is using a bottle warmer, and they can be quite pricey! You may as well put that money to one side and buy essentials you’ll need like nappies and wipes. To be honest, Harlow doesn’t really have her bottles warm through the day. The only warm bottle I give her is at bedtime because I find it helps her sleep better.

6. Shoes.
Personally, I’ve got shoes for Harlow, but they aren’t needed. They actually won’t really be needed until she walks which could be about 10 months. I wouldn’t bother gathering more clutter that isn’t needed.

7. Socks. 
Exactly the same as above, except socks end up everywhere. Harlow moves her feet so much, and rubs them together, so when she does wear nappies, they just end up on the floor. Also, their little feet grow so quickly.

8. Random stuff.
There are so many random things that are around that you can buy that are completely pointless. For example; bottle drying rack. I just put my bottles on a clean tea towel and because I’m so organised with my bottles, they dry by the time I make a new batch. There are many things you don’t need. Stop and think first.


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