Getting your pre-baby body back

I’m actually really excited to write this post because it makes me motivated to actually get up and exercise instead of just staring at other women’s body’s who were able to do it within a couple of months! I not long ago realised though that it’s so unhealthy to do it so quickly. Take some time out for yourself and your baby first before getting back into the exercise. You need to fully recover from the trauma your body went through!
When you are ready, here are a few tips to get back into fitness and eventually get your pre-baby body back!

Readjust your diet. 
It’s all great and convenient to order a takeaway a few times a week when you have a baby somewhat preventing you from cooking a good healthy meal, but, it definitely isn’t good for your health, weight or emotional state when you step on those scales and realise you’ve put on a few extra pounds (AGAIN!). Even when you were pregnant, you could indulge as much as you could, and in fact, you couldn’t help yourself. You have to kick the habit to the curb, and go out to buy yourself some good cook books; if you haven’t got some already, and prepare, freeze and eat GOOD food.

There’s nothing quite like core strength.
Train, train, TRAIN, the abdominal muscles. There are some amazing apps that you can download which help SO much, or you can turn to the internet (Youtube) and search for videos. Something even better is getting the baby involved in your exercising. You’ll obviously have to wait until they’re at a suitable age, but it’ll be worth it when they are.

Good luck!
Remember: it takes 21 days to create a habit. That’s less than a month. Stick at it and it’ll become a routine.


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