Our 2018 Goals

Hey! I hope you’re okay. This year is already going really fast for me. Harlow has just turned 3 months old and I thought there would be no better time than to share our New Year Goals with everyone. Obviously, Harlow won’t really have goals herself, but I thought I’d make them for her anyway. I’m also going to write what milestones Harlow will be hitting.

1) Harlow will be turning 6 months.
I can’t wait for the milestones that’ll come along with her turning 6 months. I’m not hoping that it’ll be many, and it doesn’t bother me even if it’s only one, but how amazing it’ll be to see her opening up more into her own little being.

2) I hopefully start work again. 
I have no idea what I’m even doing with my job. I’m so looking forward to going back. Obviously I’ll miss Harlow, but I’ll only be going back at 16/20 hours. It’s just a case of me figuring out where I’m going to put Harlow. Whether in a nursery, or with a babysitter.

3) All of my blog posts for both blogs will be set up.
I have planned a whole years worth or posts for both of my blogs. That’s 244 posts worth that I had to think about and plan. Now, I just have to write them, which I’ll be doing when Harlow is sleeping. Hard work, but I’m excited.

4) Harlow turns ONE YEAR old!
I’m planning on doing the forever popular cake smash, and I’m already VERY excited. I know for a fact when Baby H goes onto solids, she will LOVE her food, and what’s a better way to go into her second year here than demolishing a cake?
5) I turn 22. 
To be honest, any birthday after my 17th has been special. It is, yet again, another birthday I didn’t think I was going to see. It’ll also be extra special because I’ll have Harlow. I have no idea what I’ll be doing for it, as it’s in July, but I would love to maybe take Harlow to the farm with me (really excites me seeing all the animals!), as she’ll be 8 months and can also enjoy it. I also have a REALLY big plan which I can’t yet reveal.
6) We can hopefully move into a more suitable home. 
It’s a shame because at the moment, there is a lot of ongoing issues with the property we’re currently in and to be honest, the sooner we move, the better. I love this place, but unfortunately, it isn’t meant to be. It’s a shame this private landlord wasn’t open and honest from the start.

7) I want to get back to my pre-baby body and weight. 
As I’ve previously stated, the hardest part of pregnancy for me was the gaining weight. I haven’t had the energy to build myself back up into fitness, and so I’ve at the moment been making sure I wake up at 6am so I have an hour before Harlow wakes up and I can do my exercising then. Fingers crossed I can do it without my back hurting.

There are more goals and aspirations I have this year, but I didn’t want to overload this post!
Have a lovely day, week, rest of the month!


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