Practical things to do when you have a new baby

Having a baby is so exciting. It’s also emotional and the biggest journey you’ll ever go on. Being practical and doing things are probably the last things on your mind, and all you’d rather do is sit back, watch and cuddle your little baby and just treasure the special moments. While baby is sleeping, there are a few things that might be a good idea to considering doing.

1. Register the birth of your little bundle of joy!
You have six weeks, which is 42 days, from the day your baby is born. It might seem like loads of time, but it flies by, and the sooner you have them registered, the more settled you’ll feel in your mind. Then, your baby will be an official human of the country! How exciting! There will be a local registry office in your town or close to, and you can find it by Googling. Being the parent, you’ll need a form of identification. I took my passport and my own birth certificate (just in case!).

2. Claim everything you’re entitled to.
If you’re currently employed, you’re probably already claiming maternity/paternity pay. You should also be entitled to Child Tax, and Tax Credits; all depending on your household income. Do it as soon as the baby is born because there is usually a wait in claims.

3. Register your baby at your GP.
I registered the baby just one week after birth. The quicker, the easier it is when it comes to having any worries or concerns that you need to consult the doctor for. The early weeks and months will be the time when you’re worried about everything and need your GP, especially if you’re a first time mum.

4. Open a savings account.
I opened a savings account for Baby H through my own choice. I know a lot of people don’t bother, but I would hate to leave this world with just leaving H with my possessions and nothing that she can use to her own advantage. I’m saving as much as I can at the moment, and when it comes to me returning back to work, I hope it’ll grow. My plan is to give her half of what is saved on her 18th, and then again on her 21st. I don’t want her to blow it all in one go but I would like her to have something good for her 18th.


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