Sleep While You Can!

I hope you’re okay. I’ve been quite busy with my Uni work, and also trying to get Baby H into a day schedule that is good for her. I’m getting there, SLOWLY! Just trying to take time for everything and everyone. It’s hard work but I’m sure I’ll be okay.
Pregnancy can be difficult. You can’t get comfortable, you want to eat everything in sight, you cry over the smallest of things (I cried because I loved my animals SO much!), and you get angry at the slightest things too. It’s a roller-coaster that doesn’t know how fast or slow to go. Growing a human is hard work.
Before I fell pregnant, and to be fair, even through my pregnancy, I was a serial napper! I would spend most of my time in my bedroom. I would barely go downstairs because my bed was such a comfort for me. I would sleep between 6-9 hours at night, go to work, come home and nap for 2-4 hours. It was wonderful.
I’m fully aware that some women really find it difficult to sleep; naps and during the night. It’s vital for a pregnant woman to get in her rest. She sure won’t be getting that much when baby arrives. Here’s why;

1. You can focus better and you mind clears.
Sleeping is when your mind resets and stores all of the information it’s learnt from the day into a little box. Your brain gets rid of all the toxins that have built up, and your brain mentally restarts. If you stay awake and don’t sleep very much, your mind finds it difficult to retain any more information, and it becomes harder to concentrate.
2. If you rest now, you can be prepared for when the baby arrives. 
There is no point in thinking that your baby is going to be a good sleeper just because you were as a baby. It doesn’t work like that. It’s best to go in prepared and thinking that you won’t get ANY sleep! Some babies sleep, and others don’t as much. If you get as much rest and sleep in as possible before the baby arrives, you’re more than likely going to be ready and prepared; full of energy when baby does make its appearance!

3. Sleep can be relaxing and relive stress. 
I truly believe that sleep can fix most things. If you’re stressed, and you have a nap or a good night’s sleep, it may not solve the stress, but you may wake up with a clearer mind and so it’s easier for you to tackle the stress head on.

4. It keeps your immune system running correctly.
A lack of sleep can cause so many problems that we may not even notice. It also increases emotions too. Believe it or not; stress, anxiety and hormones. It’s all increased when our sleep isn’t at tip top shape. It generally makes our immune systems rubbish, and even though you may think you’re prone to colds and flu’s anyway, lack of sleep can improve your chances of catching them!

5. Better sleep can actually improve labour!
It’s probably hard to believe, but labour can be improved by sleep. It’s been proved that women who didn’t sleep very well during pregnancy had an increased rate of C-section. Although, those who had less sleep and a vaginal delivery had longer labours. There’s a reason why people say that you’re eating and sleeping for two when you’re pregnant. You also need to rest double too!



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