Why it’s great being a single mum

It’s tough. There’s no doubting there. But if I look deep, deep, DEEP into the deepest pits of my soul, I’m sure there’s a few reasons why being a single mum is amazing!
*Drinks 10 cups of coffee and thinks…. HARD*.

ONE: You never knew strength until your little one was born.
I wasn’t in a relationship before I fell pregnant, and I haven’t been since. It wasn’t a case of I was with a man/woman for 10 years prior, and they left me. It was a case of, when I found out I was pregnant, I somewhat knew what I was getting myself into – single parenthood. Although, nothing prepared me for the challenges that it would bring, even so early on. I had to create a whole new life. A life that I was once living happily single and with just myself to think of, was now involving a little bundle that completely depends on me. BUT, I’m doing it. It’s only been 2 months, but I’ve got through each obstacle and worry that parenthood has thrown at me so far.

TWO: Every milestone is right in my vision.
I’ll witness Harlow doing everything. I won’t miss a thing. Okay, so hopefully she doesn’t take her first steps when she’s being babysat, but otherwise, I’ll be there. I witnessed her first smile, when she held her head up properly, when she first rolled over, her first coos, her first Christmas and her first injections (not as pleasant). I’ll be there all the time, hopefully with camera in hand, to witness all of the little and big moments, and I can’t blooming wait!

THREE: Your arms are the safest place in the world.
No matter how young they are, how they’re feeling or what’s going on in the world, there is no better place than your arms. They’ll always turn to you for comfort, in any situation. I’m the one who’s there every night for a feed, when she cries and needs comfort, bath time, changing time and clothing time. I’m always there and my arms really will always be the safest place Harlow will ever be.

FOUR: Mummy is a Superhero
Usually superhero’s are given to the Dad. Well, there is no Dad in this circumstance. Yes, Harlow has a very good Grandad who she adores, but in times of when Grandad isn’t there, who will fix things? Who will be the strong figure? Well, single mums automatically get given the Superhero medal. I will be the mum to also be the dad. I will be the fun one and also the strict one. I’ll be the mum who can do the mum things, and the ‘strong’ things!

FIVE: You have the power!
It’s a lot of pressure, stress and worry, but you have got full control of ALL decisions in your little ones life. You have to be the one to decide what’s right and what’s wrong. It’s brilliant.

SIX: You shape your baby into the adult they’ll become
Scary, isn’t it? That your baby will be an adult, and it’ll probably fly by. You can help build morals, and what they see as right and wrong (and so much more!). In your hands, they can be the most kind, caring, honest, trustworthy, compassionate, respectful human being.

SEVEN: You don’t have to stay for the sake of the child
You’re single. You can enjoy the life of a single parent, and enjoy seeing your little bundle grow up. You don’t have to stay with your partner (who, quite frankly, does your head in) for the sake of the child. You don’t do anything to please anyone else, just your baba.

EIGHT: You get all the credit.
When someone gives you or the baby a compliment, you stand there almost boasting like ‘HELL YEA.’ You feel a sense of proudness. Too right. You should be proud. You’re teaching them to do everything; walking, crawling, talking, holding a spoon, manners; it’s all down to you.

NINE: You’re the best role model
Pregnancy and becoming a mother can turn you into the most self-less person ever, and you thrive to be the best person you possibly could be. Your child will learn from you, and in their eyes, there is nobody better!

TEN: You get all the love
No more explanations. You get it all, and it’s the best love you’ll ever receive.



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