It’s not a competition

I’ve noticed (and not first-hand) that motherhood has turned into some sort of competition; and everyone is routing for first place. Instead of congratulating each other, or standing up for each other, we’re pushing each other to the ground in order to get the trophy. It’s ridiculous, and so sad. It goes from breast is best, to what you’re feeding your child, and even milestones! The judgement is everywhere, and seems to be spreading.
Why don’t we; as mothers, and examples, stand up for one another, congratulate each other and actually be happy for one another.
Whether you’re single, divorced, a mum of 10, stay at home mum, or working mum, we’re all facing the same sleepless nights, unmotivated days, emotional rollarcoasters. We’re all mums, and we’re all bloody brilliant! It’s no competition to see who can have their baby sleeping for longer at night, or who works the hardest. Life is hard enough already, without having the judgement of others who you’d think would understand more than most! Women need to stick together. Give each other a bit of ‘YOU CAN DO IT!’
Our goals are all the same, and we all want to end up in the same destination; with a happy and content child, who knows their loved. We all have different ways of coping, and different ways of bringing up our children. It really doesn’t matter what the mum down the road is doing, as long as your child is happy, that’s all that should matter.


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