How to be a ‘perfect’ mum

We meet up with another mum, and explain that last night the baby was crying, and as a parent, you picked them up and cuddled them back to sleep. The other mum then said ‘Oh no, you shouldn’t be doing that. They won’t learn to sleep by themselves when they’re older.’ As soon as we get told we’ve done something slightly ‘wrong’, we immediately brand ourselves as bad mums. So, what makes the ‘perfect’ mum?

Honestly? You. You are the most perfect human for your little one. There is realistically no such thing as a perfect mum, and the sooner you get that into your head, the better off your parenting experience will be. You will still get those moment where you think you’re doing something wrong, but it won’t be as powerful as if you thought you had to do everything perfectly.
You will get into a routine that works for both you and your little one, and yes, it takes time, but it will eventually fall into place and you may not even realise it’s happening.
It takes time, and a lot of effort, but you’ll get there!



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