8 week injection horror

Good evening!
Harlow had the dreaded 8 week injections on the 10th January. To be honest, I was a tiny bit anxious, but not a lot, and I think that helped the way she was throughout the day.
So, we went into the room, and the woman was so lovely (credit to her!). She explained to me everything that was going to happen, what Harlow would be put through and what to do if and when she had a fever etc.
So, Harlow had to be stripped and then I placed her on my knee. I held her close, but not too close. I didn’t want her to see it as a HUGE deal. Firstly, she had some fluid, obviously given orally. Then, she had two injections in her right leg, and one in her left. As soon as the needle went in, she let out a hallowing scream. It actually didn’t take it long for her to calm down, and I left the room with a quiet baby. Actually – she was asleep! The only trouble I had was actually forgetting she’d had injections and holding her on her leg. She cried, but calmed not long afterwards.
I did what the nurse said and gave Harlow calpol 4 hours after her first dose, and then again 4 hours after that one. She actually didn’t need anymore. In fact, she was more fussy the day after, but even then it wasn’t too much. She did really well. I couldn’t have asked for it to have gone any better. Not to brag, but the nurse also said I was a complete natural and that the calmness I gave off to the baby really makes a difference. I’m so lucky to be so chilled about motherhood, and to have a pretty perfect baba!

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