What to do with baby 0-3 months

Hey! I hope you’re okay. Nearly into the second month of the new year!
I really struggled with finding things to do, until I realised that I was doing a lot of it already.

1. Face time.
Probably the easiest and most natural ways of bonding. You bond when you feed too, and that’s a lot of face time during the day. I tend to put Harlow against my knees and we’re face to face. I’ll then copy her babbles, and she loves it! Her eyes will widen and more coos will come out. You’ll both admire one another.

2. Stretching.
Harlow has been swaddled since she was about 4 weeks old. I didn’t have a clue how to do it at first but since having the hang of it, she’s slept better and seems to love it herself! When she wakes up from a nap, or from her night sleep, I’ll unswaddle her, open the curtains and she’ll have a good stretch for about 10 minutes before I take her downstairs. I might help her stretch if sometimes she forgets that those little arms and legs are attached to her body!

3. Imitation.
As I said in the first point, I will put her on my knees and copy what she does. I do this all the time anyway! They find it fascinating and it’s fun for you too!

4. Listen to music.
I’m not sure about you, but listening to music is one of my favourite things to do. Your baby loves it too, believe it or not. Even though they can’t make out what’s being said, they like to listen to the different instruments and a singing voice! Put on all different types of music they can rock out to. Even pick your little one up and dance to it.

5. Mirror play.
So, your baby is way too young to recognise themselves, and they won’t know who they are until at least 16-18 months. That shouldn’t stop you from holding them up to a mirror and watching their face as they look into the eyes of someone they don’t yet know! If they look at you, pull some faces!

6. Plane ride.
Make sure your baby’s head is supported and lie their tummies across your arms and gently zoom! Alternatively, lie on the floor and lie baby on your bent in shins and hold onto their hands.

7. Conversations.
I mean, real conversations, not babbling. They won’t understand but that shouldn’t stop you. Tell them the plans for the day, what you’re doing at every task, everything and anything!

8. Massage.
When you’re both relaxed, and preferably before bed, massage your baby. If you’re unsure how to do it, just google or youtube it! Baby will enjoy it and you’ll learn a new skill! Use oil or lotion!

9. Discover different textures.
Your baby might not be grabbing things just yet, but nothing stops you from placing something into your baby’s hands. A rattle, something soft, all different textures and watch your baby’s reaction.

10. Read.
It doesn’t have to be a baby book, any book will do! Sit your baby on your lap or lie down next to them and just read outloud!

There are so many other ways to bond with baby, as simple as going for a walk or skin on skin. They’ll enjoy it and so will you.


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