WEEKLY UPDATE 15/01/2018

This week has been a weird one. It’s flown by, but at the same time, it’s gone really slow. I don’t have much to say. There hasn’t been any specific good or bad moments.

Harlow is progressing so quick. She’s lifting her little head so far off the ground that I’m sure she’ll end up with a neck as thick as Mike Tyson! Her muscles are working better than mine, and there’s a 21 year age gap. Harlow is smiling a lot more now – even when she first wakes up. If she’s anything like me, those morning smiles won’t last. Also, we’ve somewhat established a nap routine, which has worked brilliantly so far! She’s a complete treasure.

So, there have been a couple of restless days where Harlow will cry for what seems like no apparent reason. Then, she started chewing on her hand and dribbling, so it could be a sign of teething (not 100% sure yet). Apart from that, and a possible ear infection, it’s all brill!



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