Best/Worst of week 7/1/2018

Another week into another year and I’m already scared at how fast it’s going. How are we already half way through the first month!

Harlow turned 2 months old on the 9th! WHAT?! It crazy that it’s going so fast, but it also feels like she’s been here for months longer. She has changed so much even this past week, it’s incredible. She is cooing and blabbling more, smiling more and just so much more aware. Not only that but I’ve been struggling with nap times with Harlow. It seemed that she wasn’t napping much during the day, and by the night, she was becoming agitated and overtired. The problem was, I wasn’t reading her tired cues. Now? She’s napping through the day without an issue, and it’s because I’ve stuck to it and been making sure I know when she’s tired.

Harlow had her 8 week injections. She was a real trooper to be honest. Obviously she cried when the injection went in (3 times!) but once I’d calmed her, she was fine and went to sleep and was okay when she came home. The only time I noticed a change, was the day after. Harlow doesn’t really cry when she wakes up for a feed. She will coo which wakes me up and I catch it before she cries. Well, she woke up crying and didn’t stop for about half an hour. I just gave her some more Calpol and she seemed okay. It was just horrible watching her cry over something that I realistically could’ve prevented.

Everything is going so smoothly, and I haven’t seen sight of a breakdown yet which is great!

I want and need to thank everyone for the constant support too. It means so much!



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