When mum is ill


I was cursed with food poisoning! I’ve never had it before and hope I’ll never have it again. The pain and guilt I felt was awful. All from a sweet chilli chicken wrap in Mcdonald’s. Curse you!!

It didn’t kick in until about 12am the morning afterwards. I woke up feeling really sick, and low and behold, I had to rush to the toilet where I threw up my entire days intake. I was then up every 2 hours. The worst thing was, every time I was feeding Harlow, I felt sick and had to put her down so I could rush to the toilet again. This entailed me half feeding her, putting her down and then coming back in to her being asleep. So, she wasn’t feeding enough, and she was waking up pretty much the same times as me.

I then spent the next day in and out of sleep with Harlow; still being sick and no energy for anything.

The thing is, that no matter how ill you are, you still need to be mum and look after the little one. In a relationship, you can somewhat leave it to the other half and rest. Single? You have to do everything x2.

My advice? Yes, your baby needs you, but you need to take care of yourself just as much otherwise you won’t get better. You need to forget the house work or any odd jobs that need doing, and you literally do need to sleep when the baby does. You need to drink plenty of fluids and literally rest as much as you can.

I’m so glad that my illness only lasted a night and day because I really struggled.

You must look after yourself too.


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