Best/Worst parts of week 1/1/18

First of all; Happy New Year!

How satisfying is it that a new year has started on a Monday? Very!

I don’t really know where to begin, as this week hasn’t really been any bit exciting.

The worst part was probably the fact the weather has been terrible, and in that case, means that I haven’t really been able to take Harlow out much. It’s been windy and rainy – bleh! Honestly though, that’s the worst part. Maybe also the fact that I physically couldn’t stay awake to see the new year in. I was fast asleep at 10pm!

The best part of this week has simply been the fact that Harlow has really enjoyed showing off her smile, and not only that, but she’s developed the tiniest little ‘laugh’. I mean, it isn’t much of a laugh, but it’s more than a smile. I’ve just enjoyed sitting back and trying to get her to give me that smile, sometimes without doing anything. I was kindly given a baby carrier for Christmas from my Uncle and Auntie (Honestly invest in one of you haven’t already. Best thing EVER) and I had her in it while I was brushing my teeth just before going out, I looked down at her looking up at me with a HUGE beaming smile on her face. It’s honestly the smallest moments!

Otherwise, quite a boring and bland week!


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