Rules by the book

Rules. Rules. Rules. I’m not sure about you, but I’ve always seen rules to be broken. There is no point in following something you don’t entirely believe in.

Most health visitors, midwives and doctors have to, or will, live their professional lives by the book. Unfortunately, it can confuse everyone in the mix. When Harlow was born, I knew from taking care of my niece, that you don’t need to double wrap a baby. Before leaving the hospital to go home shortly after birth, I was told to always put one extra layer on her. Well, I did that, and she ended up having heat rash. Another example; my midwife told me to leave dry skin, as my health visitor told me vaseline or olive/vegetable oil.

The thing is, I think every mum should just follow their gut. There is no better ‘book’ than your instinct. Everyone will have their own opinions regardless of what the facade is.

Be strong and listen to what you feel.


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