10 things I’ve learnt since being a mum

Oh, the wonderful things and the painful things. They all come with being a mum.

1) You feel as if you’ve added 50 years to your age with the back pain you’re about to receive. Who knew feeding could be so painful? I have no tips for this yet, apart from the fact you stick it out and try to get as comfortable as possible before feeding, or simply just stand and feed instead of sitting with no back support.

2) You don’t need two arms. Seriously! I didn’t (or haven’t yet) invested in a wrap for Harlow, so when she won’t settle in her bouncer or on the play mat, she’s being carried by my one arm and I can do pretty much everything I was doing with two arms. Talk about multi-tasking!

3) Cries can be painful for you too. Harlow had really bad reflux and colic. She would literally screech in pain, and what did I do? Cried with her. The last time you’ll ever cry as much as you do in the first few months, was when you were a baby yourself. Embrace it.

4) Frustration is normal and doesn’t make you a bad parent. So, the past couple of weeks, especially when Harlow was under the weather, she would cry, and cry, and cry. After trying everything, you can’t help but feel frustrated, even when you don’t want to. What helped me was just carrying her, reassuring her and talking myself through it. Self-soothing works on mums and dads too!

5) Google really can be lethal! I know the internet is a brilliant place, but the same as when we Google our symptoms and end up thinking and believing we have hours to live, it becomes worse with a baby. Ask other mums or your health visitor instead. Don’t worry yourself by unnecessarily Googling!

6) You will stare at your baby so much you end up going cross eyed! You know when you were younger and your mum would say ‘you watch so much TV, your eyes will turn square’. Your baby is now the TV, but she loves looking at you too!

7) Sleep really was the best thing in your life! Forget sleeping through, lie ins and no bags under your eyes. You now wake at every noise, and obviously at feeding time. You wake up at about 6am every morning. They aren’t just bags; you could do your full house shop with them.

8) You smile more than you ever have. Every cute noise, every little look, every moment makes you smile and laugh.

9) You’ve never been more confused. You have no idea if you’re doing the right thing and it confuses you every single day.

10) Babies are born with 300 bones, whereas adults have 206! I’m only assuming they all fuse together but that’s a nice little fact that I learnt when Harlow was born and now you have learnt! You’re welcome.

Hope you’re having a lovely day.


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