A serious case of ‘new mum syndrome’. The worst part is, I knew I was beginning to drive myself a little bit loopy. Not only that but I really struggled to explain it; so not only did I feel crazy, I sounded it too.

So, it all began when Harlow had some sort of rash on her face that led to her neck and chest area. Harlow has already had a bit of heat rash (turns out you don’t need to put an extra layer on the baby as I was originally told and argued against), so I thought it was that again. Although, it couldn’t have been, because I’d stopped double wrapping. I started to Google – huge mistake, don’t do it, honestly. It was coming up with all sorts. I literally had to pull myself away from my laptop, grab a cuppa, sit back and realise that Harlow was doing fine (eating, weeing and pooing).

THEN, Harlow was sick a few times after feeds and seemed to be crying a bit more. Now, this is where it started to really play with my head. Whereas before, I’d just simply accept the fact she felt more inclined to cry that day, or she was just having too much feed too close together, I instead thought that she was really ill or she was having some allergic reaction. I even took her sleeping (daytime naps) to the extreme. She just seemed to be sleeping loads; even falling asleep in the middle of a feed or burping. But DUH! Harlow was struggling to nap in the morning, so obviously it was her way of just catching up, like any human would want to and it just so happened, the tapping of the back during burping was a really good relaxer.

The worst part was, I knew she was okay. When I really sat back, rationalised myself and thought about it, she’s a very healthy, happy and content baby. I was adamant that I was going to seriously speak to my Health Visitor and say ‘when a mum knows, she knows’, but then Harlow slept so good during the night before that I just didn’t bother. The one thing I did mention was Harlow’s breathing as she will squeak a lot (hence her nickname Mouse) and she seems quite congested, but she said that it was all normal. OBVIOUSLY!

To be honest, my advice is to seriously not Google anything. Ask another Mum, or just ring/text your Health Visitor if you’re worried. Luckily mine arrived quite close to these ‘delusions’ so my mind was set to rest quite quickly. Not only that, but I was told that it was all really normal for me to assume that Harlow was ill. It happens to most mums, which made me feel a lot less barmy.

You’re doing a great job!


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