Sleeping like a baby

Harlow has been a great sleeper since day one. I remember her first night she actually slept the whole way through. Now? She’ll wake up twice during the night for a feed and then it’s back to the land of nod.
I’ve always been quite strict with routine and planning things out. I wanted to try and get her into a good routine now so she would follow it through into her older months and years.
Harlow is in a eat, awake (play), sleep routine. She will have between 3/4oz, then sit with me for about 15 minutes-30 minutes to let her food go down, have about 15 minutes on her play mat and then she’ll start to get tired for a nap. She will nap anything from 15 minutes-2 hours. Although, it hasn’t been a straight 2 hour nap for a couple of weeks. I will try to keep her last waking up phase at about 8pm and I won’t feed just then (unless she demands it).
At 9pm, the lights become less, the TV becomes quieter and it’s time to wind down. I’ll usually get her bottles ready, and gather the things I want to take upstairs in one pile, while she happily gurgles in my arm (quite often she will fall asleep).
10pm, the only time I won’t wait for her to cry for a feed. I’ll take her upstairs with a warm bottle, put on her star projector and white noise while I feed her and gently rock at the same time. I will burp her and she will usually fall asleep and will settle straight away in her crib.
Harlow will sleep from about 10:30/11pm until 3/4am, have another feed, and then go back off until 6/7am. Once she’s had that first morning feed, she’ll go back to sleep until 10am. I’ll get up and go downstairs (obviously trying not to wake her), have a good ol’ cuppa, and just have some time to myself.
Once she wakes, I’ll bring her downstairs, give her a feed, burp her and put her in her bouncer where she may either fall asleep again, cry out or just sit there wide eyed. If she cries, I’ll try another stimulator (usually her play mat). She’ll be okay there for 15-30 minutes, which gives me chance to get some more things sorted. Then it’s into the eat, awake (play), sleep phase.
I’d always recommend trying to get baby and yourself into a routine that works for you both. Every baby is different; they adjust at different paces and at different speeds. Some struggle to sleep more than others, but that doesn’t mean you’re doing any less of a job than those that get more sleep. It just so happened, some have tired baby’s.


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