Travelling with baby

When I say travel, most people think it’s via plane. In fact, I’ve at the moment only traveled by train, taxi and bus. Actually, it was only two days after I’d given birth that I’d traveled by bus. I advise not to go out that soon after birth. It might just be me but I don’t want other people to feel the way I did. While I was out, my eyes went almost yellow in colour and very dark underneath, I also went very pale and started to feel really faint. I had to grab myself a sugared drink and sit down for a while before I felt okay again.
Anyway, on the bus she’s only ever had one time where I’ve had to take her out of her pram to soothe her. Even then I got so many looks.
The whole train station situation has been a pain because of the lifts and having to wait (in the cold weather) if other people use them. Usually people who don’t need them. The train station nearest to me, you have to walk a good 10 minutes extra to get to the right platform; they haven’t invested in any lifts yet. Only once has Harlow cried on the train, and it’s easy to attend to her because it’s warm so you can just grab her out, soothe her and then place her back in just in time for the train to arrive at the destination.
I’ve got two taxi’s with her, and that was easy – she slept the whole journey, and they were the longest!

To be honest, travelling even by walking has been proven to be the most difficult. For example, I was out in town the other week and Harlow had been quite restless all morning, and I wasn’t really expecting to be long. We managed to get the bus into town with no problems, and it looked really promising. I then went into the first shop and she just began belting her little lungs out. So, I put the pram to one side, got her out, fed her, winded her and put her back; didn’t work. She began crying, so I thought she’d probably need changing. I took her to Asda to use the changing rooms, but she was clean. Harlow did seem to be okay afterwards and went to sleep. I then went to the next shop to get some food for the weekend. Not long into walking around and Harlow woke again, crying. I went to Starbucks this time to try and settle her (and to have a coffee for my own sanity)! Luckily enough, old ladies were coming up to me asking questions about Harlow, which really seemed to distract her. Once I’d fed her again, and winded her, I kept her rocking slightly in my arms while I drank my drink. I looked down and she’d gone to sleep. I put her back in her pram and set off. I quickly grabbed my food from the next shop and rushed for the bus, thinking that maybe today she just felt like staying in – we all get days like that. Harlow was silent… until we got on the bus, and then she began crying again. I knew that it would be 10 minutes until my stop, and I knew I could hold her and push the pram at the same time. So, I grabbed her out, stood and rocked her until she settled. It was easier to just hold her. I figured she just wasn’t going to settle until she was in the comfort of her own home. Luckily I’ve adapted to using one arm for everything because I was literally holding and rocking her in one arm and pushing the pram with my other.
Apart from that, Harlow has been really good and slept the entire time out.

I know that so many people say that us parents should never worry about what others think, but I do get a lot of looks when I  let Harlow cry for even a couple of minutes (to see if she will self-soothe) and I get the same amount of looks when I give in and end up carrying her and soothing her myself. It is difficult, but you literally have to not give a shit. Everyone has different ways of bringing up THEIR child, and that’s exactly what you’ve got to remember; they’re your child, and you can do whatever the f*** you like (within reason)!
Just think of all the embarrassing stories you can tell them as they grow older.


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