Morning routine as a mum

Harlow seems to be in a pretty good routine; which is great for me as I can plan ahead of time. I know every routine is different, and so is every day, but for the time being, we’re both very happy.
My morning routine starts from about 12am. Silly, I know, because that’s only one second away from the previous day, but it’s true. I’ll make sure I change Harlow before she falls asleep, which will be between 9pm and 10pm, which is when I get some little bits done before getting things that I need for the night ready. I will dream feed her about 11pm before taking her to bed. I usually stay awake doing my own thing until about 12am, unless I’m exhausted, then I’ll sleep when she does. Harlow will usually wake up between 2-3am. I’ll give her a feed and change her before settling her back down. Then, she’ll wake up between 6-7am for another feed, and to be changed (again!). I’m usually awake for the day then, and I’ll settle her back down for a nap. Harlow will sleep for a couple of hours before waking up for more feeds, to obviously spend time with me and to be changed.
When Harlow is down for her morning nap, I’ll make sure that everything is in order. I’ll usually put my favourite playlist on, a movie, or YouTube and I’ll clean, get things organised and have a shower. Then it’s the waiting game of her waking up. I’ll get her playmat ready for her tummy time when she wakes up. Obviously, it’s a case of also settling her if she’s finding it hard to settle. Every day is different.
To be honest, it’s all a great routine, and I’m very lucky she’s been able to adapt to it so well.


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