What I do when baby naps

You’re starting to notice the little things that need doing around the house, and then you look at your little one and realise that they haven’t napped yet. WHY? You make a mental note of everything you need to do, and the list only gets longer. Finally, baby has had their bottle, and their eyes start to drop. You know that the time is near to try and get everything done before they wake up again. Eyes closed, in their cot and it’s time. Time to get the endless list completed. It’s almost like the worlds biggest challenge.
Harlow naps about 5 or 6 times every day, and I find it hard to use that time to nap. As everyone has told me ‘nap when baby naps’! If I could, I really would. I’m not saying that I never nap when Harlow does, but I have to get the odd jobs done first otherwise I find it harder to nap anyway.
So, usually when Harlow naps, I will;
Make sure all the bottles are sterilised
I pre-make bottles (judge me), so I’ll make up a couple for when she wakes up.
Clean! Clean! Clean! – I will usually do a room per nap Harlow has.
On the odd occasion and once everything is done, I’ll nap.
Have a sort out – nothing better than organising.
Have some down time – listen to music, plan my next week, or just sit in silence.
Watch a movie or catch up on Youtube.
I’m starting my uni course again in January, so I’ll be doing that too.
Catch up on friends and family! It’s good to have a conversation that doesn’t involved babbling or anything high-pitched.

To be honest, the best thing to do when your baby naps, is to do whatever you can that you enjoy and you can relax to. It’ll help keep you sane when you haven’t slept. There’s no point in doing something that’ll stress you out, because it’ll more than likely build up and you’ll end up being stressed when baby is awake and you may find it harder to deal with outbursts. Don’t stress!


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