Best/Worst parts of week 18/12/2017

What a week!

I will fully admit that I totally didn’t expect to feel the complete despair that I’ve felt this week. I haven’t even known how to feel if I’m honest, and as everything was going so well (and is back on the mend), I was totally shocked.


So, Harlow has been trying to go to the toilet a lot – with no avail. She has been straining so hard, that her fists clench, and her face turns a complete new shade of red. Poor little mite has been constipated due to the new milk. Not only that, but as she’s been straining so damn hard, she ended up having piles (still on the mend). Luckily, I got a doctors appointment before Christmas and she was prescribed a liquid laxative. This has been the worst week so far! I have felt so guilty that I didn’t really know what to do when she was screaming in pain, apart from hold her and talk/sing to her (the singing probably didn’t help at all!). I will also fully admit that I’ve cried every single day.


To be honest, there have been a few great parts of this week. Even though it’s been so draining and heart-wrenching, I’m actually really proud of myself. Not only from the way I feel I’ve dealt with it, but just because people are genuinely going out of their way to say how well I’m doing. There is no better feeling than knowing you’re actually doing something right! The best part of Harlow is that she’s trying to find her smile. Oh, and she’s definitely found her voice.

I hope you all have a brilliant Christmas!


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