Co-Sleeping Debate

Okay, I’ve heard so many opinions on this, and to be honest, I will probably have negative comments thrown at me from all angles.
Co-sleeping is basically exactly what it states; you let your baby sleep in your bed. Right or wrong? I can only go from what I’ve done and my own experience.
I had Harlow sleeping in her cot when she would first go to sleep at night. When she would wake up for a feed, I would feed her and then put her on my chest to settle, or have her next to me. I didn’t put the quilt over her, and I didn’t put any pillows near her. I also didn’t have her near the edge, and I have a double bed, so she’d be in the middle.
I know that so many people would disagree with that, and yes, I was taking a risk, especially because I wasn’t breastfeeding and apparently co-sleeping is more acceptable when you’re breastfeeding.
I will say that I try not to do that anymore, and I’m having Harlow sleep in her cot even during naps (as much as I can). I didn’t want her to think that it was okay to cry until she was in the comfort of my bed, as I know it would effect things as she grows older. It’s better for us both for her to sleep in her own cot, and to be honest, it’s still taking her some time, but I’m sure she’ll eventually love it.
Yes, co-sleeping can be dangerous, but when you have a newborn baby, you wake up with every sound. In my opinion, I knew that nothing bad was going to happen, as there were literally no dangers. I wasn’t going to roll over on top of her, and I wasn’t going to suffocate her.
I can see why some people, especially first time mums, don’t want to risk anything, and will have baby in the cot from day one. I honestly really do understand that. BUT, I feel as if sometimes, it’s good for baby’s to just feel the warmth of their mother, and to smell them. It helps with the bond and everything. Harlow settles better on me or next to me too (obviously!)
My way of getting Harlow off to sleep now is to feed her, and then rock her to sleep in my arms, and then put her in her bed. Then, when she wakes up for her night feed, I’ll walk up and down my landing and tell her a story while feeding her, and she’ll settle. I then put her in her cot again. The only time I’ll have her in my bed is when I’m having some down time, or when she wakes in the morning and I think we could both do with some cuddles.
I’d love to know everyone else’s opinions on this, because I haven’t really mentioned it to anyone except a friend and my Dad.


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