Why I love being a mum

I’ve always loved children, and I’ve always been able to adapt to their age level. I worked with children in different nurseries, and I’ve always wanted to be a mum.
Even though it was a shock to the system and definitely wasn’t planned, I’d never call it a regret, and I’d never take it away. I obviously had the choice from day one whether I wanted to keep the pregnancy, and I knew I’d never terminate.
There are so many reasons why I love being a mum. To be honest, I’ve loved it since I first found out I was pregnant. The only thing I struggled with was putting on weight and at the beginning, people asking to see my bump or touching it. Apart from that, I loved every minute.
I love the fact that I have a little me to protect and take care of. That I know we’ll be close as she grows older and she’ll be able to ask me all of the wonderful questions that come with pregnancy like ‘how are babies made?’
Being a mum has made me so much stronger. I love how one tiny human being can have the biggest impact. I love that I have a job to protect, love and care for Harlow. I love how I get excited over the fact that I’ll be able to make her smile and laugh all the way through her life. I love knowing that one day, I’ll be waking up to her jumping on the bed. Being a mum has so many things you can look forward to, and not one day is the same as another and that’s the most exciting part; it’s all so unpredictable.

I love being a mum. I love how much I love my daughter.


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