Why we’re not celebrating Christmas.

I’m not saying that I’m a complete Scrooge. I’ve got a Christmas tree and the lovely lights that go around it and the room. I also will be giving presents and spending time with Harlow (obviously) and my Dad, but Christmas isn’t the same for me anymore. I know it’ll be great as Harlow gets older and starts to understand a bit better, but right now, it’s difficult for me.
I’ve worked the past two Christmases because I couldn’t face the day, so being at home properly this year will be a real achievement and in fact, I’m actually looking forward to it.
Harlow will only be a month old, so because she doesn’t understand it, there really isn’t any point in me buying anything. She has loads of things already from everyone, and if anything, I might just buy her a couple of outfits.
Christmas for me growing up was pretty great. I spent Christmas eve with my sister and we’d have a really good time. We used to get up early, go off out to our closest big city and get some munchies and new pyjamas. We’d then get back and watch Christmas films before I fell asleep and my sister went upstairs with my Mum. Christmas Day was spent half with my mum and half with my dad, which was always lovely!
Then my first niece was born and that made it all extra special.

Now? As much as I love my Dad and Harlow loves her Grandad but I’d do anything for another Christmas with my Mum and family. So, this Christmas won’t be as special as they will be as Harlow grows older and gets the excitement that I had. Then I can share that excitement and make Christmases amazing for her.
I can’t wait to make Christmases magical.


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