What’s more important?

Material vs. Emotional.

When I was growing up, I was very spoilt with material items. If I wanted something, it was very likely I’d get it. I hate admitting now that I was a spoilt child. I tended to ask for more when I was feeling emotionally damaged; which actually ended up being quite a lot of the time. My parents weren’t together during this period, and I went from one household that had everything, to another that had very little. My Dad did work, but was made redundant at one point, which caused him to be unemployed. He has struggled since then. I honestly now believe that if I didn’t have the balance that I did have between materialistic and emotional, then I wouldn’t be as grateful for everything that I am now. My Dad could afford very little, but when he went to the shop, he would ensure he picked me up a packet of sweets. He gave me all the emotional support I needed, and he made sure that I knew he cared about me, and loved me. The best part? My Dad always made sure that I was laughing.
I’m not saying that I’d be shoved something materialistic and I’d never really laugh with my Mum. In fact, we laughed a lot, but there were times when the material things became a habit to ask for; almost as a way of conversation.
I’m not saying that I’m not going to give my daughter material items, as I know she’ll have a lot growing up if I can afford it. I just know I’ll definitely let her know the value of money and I’ll give her more emotional support than material (unless really needed).
In my opinion, I really do believe that children tend to not appreciate things when they’re handed everything on a plate. I will never be able to thank my Dad enough for just letting me be a child in his company, and him making me laugh as much as he has through the years. Not only that, but the fact that he made me appreciate the smallest of things; which can even be a good hug.


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