Best/Worst parts of week 11/12/2017

My best part of this week has been the snow. Unfortunately, Harlow is too young to even see me from a distance, let alone know what snow is or see the excitement in it. Even though I’m 21 years of age, I was very excited. I haven’t seen snow as bad as it was for about 10 years, maybe longer than that. It sounds so silly for the fact that an adult got genuinely excited over snow, but it’s true. I used to love playing out in the snow, and have some lovely memories. I will admit, I’d much rather watch the snow now than play in it (although, I’d never turn down the opportunity to build a snowman). I did go out in it once, which was a nightmare because I slipped everywhere, but what an experience!

The worst part was struggling with ‘new mum syndrome’ and also hitting a point of second guessing myself; in almost everything I was doing (even though I knew I was doing it right and know I’m doing well). I will be writing a blog post on this as I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that literally feels like their going crazy with irrelevant worry!


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