Best and worst moment of this week

My best moment of this week have honestly been Harlow turning one month old. This milestone happened on 9/12/2017. It blows my mind how quick time really does fly. This year has gone fast enough as it is, put a baby in the mix and time doesn’t really exist!
Not only that but Harlow was weighed in at 8lb 8oz on the 7th December, and she also had her hearing screening test which came back brilliant and her hearing is at the top condition it could possibly be. It sounds so stupid when I think about it, but I’m so proud of the littlest things. I also managed to get a Christmas tree which I’m very excited about.


The worst moment of this week is honestly nothing to do with Harlow, but purely for the fact that no matter how much I felt like I’d cleaned my living-room, it just ended up messy. I felt like I couldn’t clean enough. Luckily enough, I got through this tiny obstacle and cleaned to the point until I felt okay (finally!). That’s honestly the only thing I can think of that annoyed me even slightly.

Hope you’re well.

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