Harlow’s progression – One month on

Harlow was born a good 7lb 5oz on 9th November 2017 (4 days early!). Even though a month seems like a very short time (considering we can live well into our 90s), Harlow has done extremely well. She’s a very calm baby. Don’t get me wrong, when she wants something, she can scream the place down, but overall, she’s really good.
Harlow has slept well since day one. I’ve had three bad nights with her, and that was me being woken up every other hour. Harlow’s first weigh in after birth, she was 6lb 15oz. Obviously it’s normal for baby’s to lose weight to begin with. Her second weigh in, she’d gone back up to 7lb 6oz, then 7lb 15oz and now she’s 8lb 11oz.
Not only does Harlow sleep well during the night, she will wake up for a feed in the day, and then go back for an hours nap. This is such a huge relief as I can get some bits and bobs done around the house and somewhat stay slightly organised. Although, I know this can change and definitely will as she grows older.
Harlow had a hearing screening test, which came back perfect. There have literally been no issues whatsoever. Harlow is very strong for her age – keeping her head up, and even trying to keep herself up on her legs when I’m holding her upright. Not only that but she is so alert and nosy.
I feel so lucky to have such a good baby, and I can’t wait to see every little milestone she goes through. Congratulations my beautiful girl on hitting ONE MONTH OF AGE.



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