What it’s REALLY like having a newborn

I’m such a calm first time mum, so this is a really hard blog post for me to write. I know when to worry and what to worry about. I know first time mums who will literally run their child to A&E at the first sign of a change. The thing is, I’m not downgrading anyone who does this. If you have genuine concerns then yes, take your child to the hospital, BUT, remember that baby’s change all the time and things will be different. I’d also recommend ringing NHS Direct first, just to get their opinion.
Having a newborn is as hard as it’s made out to be though. 100%. Where before you could eat, sleep, walk, and do what you wanted to do; it all changes. You have to try and eat when you’re allowed to. I’ve actually got into the habit of eating my food too fast when Harlow is asleep, just in case she wakes up and I never get to finish (I hate waste!). Before pregnancy and even during, I was napping all the time. Now? I know you’re told to nap when baby naps; it just isn’t that easy. You realise that you’ve got a pile of washing to do, and then ironing, followed by washing up and any other chores you need to do. And when you finally put your head down to have that well deserved nap? They wake up or you can’t settle. Want to take a quick walk to the shop? Let me just get the baby ready, because where I go, she goes. Anything else you wanted to do? It all basically goes out of the window until the baby is asleep, and even then you have to be quiet and quite quick if it’s an urgent job, just so everything can be done before she wakes up and is demanding your hand again.
It is though, the best feeling in the world. You can’t help but hold them all the time and stare at them. Before you know it, it’s 10pm and bedtime again.  I completely understand why people worry so much; they’re tiny humans and you want to make sure everything is okay. Honestly, go with your gut instinct. I’m sure everything will be okay!
You also realise that you’ve let yourself go a bit. No make-up, hair unbrushed and messy and your house just isn’t as tidy as it was beforehand. All of that’s okay!
There are times when you’re looking into your baby’s eyes and you think ‘you’re going to want and need me for the rest of my life.’ It’s overwhelming and daunting, but them being them makes it all okay.



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