Would you have another baby?

Okay, it’s been a month since I gave birth and my opinions on this have already changed. I had a really good birth, compared to other stories I’ve heard, and I also didn’t take long to heal afterwards. Although, I was in complete disagreement with myself when thinking of another child in the future. The first time pain was enough! Then I think about how cute Harlow is, and how well I’ve taken to motherhood. I also see her little personality coming through more and more each day, and I honestly think she’d make the best big sister.
Obviously there are so many things to think about. Whether I’d be in a relationship, and if so, what do they want? If I’m single (and pushing my luck with age), how would that happen? How long do I wait when I’m single until I think about other routes?
Yes, I’ve thought about all of this within the past month, and I haven’t yet come to any conclusion for those questions. I actually had to tell myself to stop thinking of it, because I started panicking on the fact that Harlow would end up disliking me for keeping her as an only child. In all fairness, growing up, I expected to be in a stable relationship and have 3 or 4 children with 2/3 years gap between them. Obviously that hasn’t exactly worked out as planned; but hey! Everything happens for a reason.
To answer the question; yes, I’d happily have another child, but give me time to psychology heal from this one, and also prepare myself for the next (which will definitely take time!).


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