Best/Worst parts of week 4/12/2017

Hey again,
I hope you’re well.

Usually, my upload days are Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday after 6pm but I thought I’d upload a random blog post today. It’s a lazy Sunday, snowing, I’m very snug, currently waiting for my food to cook and Harlow is asleep. No better opportunity! I’m actually thinking of doing this every Sunday, but I doubt they’ll be as interesting for people as my usual uploads.

Anyway, my most favourite part of this week was going to the farm. Yes, it was mainly for myself and Harlow slept the entire time (except for when we stopped for food) but I loved just being able to get out and do something I enjoyed while in the presence of her.
Not only that, but Harlow turned one month old on the 9th December. How bizarre! I was explaining to my Dad that it feels as if she was born yesterday, but then it also feels like I’ve had her for years. It’s the craziest feeling.


The worst part of this week was the fact that on the night of the 9th, Harlow was inconsolable for 45 minutes. She was quite unsettled all day, and was basically forcing herself to stay awake. I tried to minimise the stimulation in the room, but due to having a visitor, it wasn’t as if I could sit in silence like I would if I was on my own. I was rocking her to sleep in my arms, and then when I put her down into her cot, she’d cry. When we went to bed (which I thought was best due to the dark room and being able to put white noise on), she just belted out. So, I tried everything. Milk? She just pushed it away, the same with her dummy. I tried burping her, I then changed her, then held her close. Nothing worked. So, I put her in her cot, and just let her cry it out. I was on my bed and just looking on social media. 45 minutes later and she completely calmed. I put her dummy in and swaddled her, before putting white noise on and a projector that puts stars on the ceiling and she went straight to sleep. Harlow actually then slept so well. Still woke up the usual times she would, but she actually went straight back off once I’d fed her. It was tough, but even though I thought I’d get frustrated, I never did and just took a step back.


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