5 ways to master calming a baby

Your baby is red in the face, with tears running down their face and you’re almost deaf from the screeching noise they’re making. You’re struggling to think of what you can do next to try and help them. There are 5 main things on what you can do to calm a baby, and once you’ve gone down those avenues, it’s time to just take 5 minutes, grab yourself a drink and breathe (making sure baby is in a safe place; cot).

  1. Nappy
    I check my baby’s nappy first. Only because, you’re more than likely to be greeted by sick as well as wee or poop if you feed them first. I noticed that my baby would become even more inconsolable when I’d changed her nappy, and I think part of it was due to the nappy rash. I ended up wiping her with a clean, damp cloth instead and then putting nappy rash cream (metanium) as I thought that the wipes, even though they were sensitive and fragrance free, that they could’ve been irritating the rash even more. Once I’d changed her nappy, I would try to console her again. If that didn’t work, I’d move onto step two.
  2. Food
    If I’m hungry, I usually cry about it too. A baby will tell you if they want a bottle or not; funny enough, they’ll take it, or won’t. My daughter will push her bottle away if she doesn’t want it. I will try again, just in case, but she’s usually pretty adamant. If she wants it, she will gulp it down like no tomorrow. Doesn’t work or they only take a small bit before crying again? Try step three.
  3. Wind
    Yes, baby’s get trapped wind just like us. Unlike us though, baby’s can’t tell us, and they also can’t help themselves. So, get them on the knee, slightly bend and pat/rub their back. If that doesn’t work, then over the shoulder doing the exact same. I know that 2 minutes can seem like 10, but be a little persistent with it, as it can take some time to come up. Not working? Try four.
  4. Cuddle
    Ok, so you want to do this all the time anyway, so this is a little bit of a treat. My baby loves lying on her front on my chest. I know that baby’s just like to be close to the mother, and especially love being close to the heart – for the obvious reason of that’s what they heard in the womb! Give you little one a huge cuddle and tell them that it’s okay. Not feeling the cuddle? Have a look at the final move.
  5. Stand, rock and tap
    It’s simple, and for some reason, baby’s love it and it usually sends them into contentment almost immediately. I also do squats or lunges while doing this too! Best of both worlds. So, you stand, bounce while rocking and gently tap baby’s bum or back. I also end up walking my corridors about 3am if baby doesn’t settle again after the night feed. It honestly works wonders. Maybe put a lullaby sound on in the background. My baby loves when I just simply ‘sh’ her.

    Try your best to stay calm
    Good luck, and I hope you’re having a wonderful time being a badass parent.



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