Behind the scenes of being a single parent.

A newborn baby. What an eye opener. I may have to rewrite this when Harlow is about 6 months old as I think I’ll have a completely different outlook. I wasn’t worried about being a single parent. To be honest, the one person I could’ve done with during my pregnancy was my mum, but unfortunately, circumstances prove otherwise. Apart from that, I was extremely calm throughout the pregnancy. I have had experience working with children and also babysitting my nieces, which was always such a pleasure.
Honestly, the hardest part is keeping up with the cleaning while she sleeps, and also trying to get a nap in for myself at the same time. Not only that, but having a baby watch you while you’re in the shower can be slightly intimidating, but at least someone likes my singing (even though she can’t yet say otherwise!). I do sometimes get my times where I wish I could nudge my ‘other half’ in bed and say “it’s your turn”, roll over and go back to sleep for a few hours. These thoughts don’t last long when I have her in my arms, rocking her and she’s trying to stay awake but the tiredness takes over. There are also times when I need or want to do something, like clean, or write a post, or even try to plan the next week or few days of my life, and I can’t, because she’s cooing on my lap and doesn’t want to go in the bouncer. Being a single parent allows you to see what life would be like if you did unfortunately lose an arm. It also makes you appreciate the times when you could use the toilet without having a baby on your lap. I’ve become accustomed to the stares I get from people when I take her out of her pram because she’s been crying, and even the first time, I didn’t really care what other people thought. I’m also quite the pro at multi-tasking; walking with baby in one arm while pushing the pram with the other. I have had a couple of times where I’ve been trying to get Harlow off to sleep by rocking her, bouncing her and  lightly tapping her, just so I can get some work done, and then by the time she’s actually gone to sleep, I’m knackered and joining her for the afternoon nana nap!! I don’t ever expect anyone to step in and help me take care of Harlow. My Dad does a great job as Grandad, which is plenty enough for me. All complaints aside, I have loved every second I’ve spent with Harlow so far, and I’m extremely lucky to have such a special, funny, cute little girl, and I can’t wait for the following years; single parent or not.


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