My pregnancy journey

I did my birthing experience and I thought what better post to accompany it! My pregnancy journey. This post will be all about the thoughts, feelings, emotions and events I went through while pregnant.
I’ve since had a lot of questions about the Dad, and there’s no pushing it to the back of my mind. It was a one night stand on February 22nd 2017. As simple as that. It was my first one, and I was so drunk that I literally hardly remember the night. I then found out I was pregnant on 10th March 2017, and because they go from the first day of your last period, I was 5 weeks. I was asked recently how I knew that I was pregnant. Well, a missed period, and I ate more than my Dad (which never happened!). I also felt really tired. My Dad was staying for a few days, but when he went home, I took a test and those two lines came up almost immediately. I rang my Dad to tell him that I’d be taking the dog for a walk later so would be popping over. I wrote in a card for him and while waiting for time to pass, I took another 10 tests. I couldn’t believe it. I know most people would panic in that situation, and maybe a year ago, I would’ve completely lost my head over it, but instead, I was over the moon. I went to my Dads at about 8pm, and handed him the card. He seemed to be okay with it *sigh of relief* and we spent the next hour just talking it out. I made a doctors appointment to confirm it, and yep, I was definitely pregnant. I went into work and informed my manager; who hugged and congratulated me. My work were so supportive of the pregnancy, and even though I ended up moving to a different location, and had to adjust to the new working environment, I’ve made the most incredible friends.
In my eyes, I had the easiest pregnancy. I was much more relaxed than I probably usually would be, I dealt with stress very well, and I had very little problems. The only couple of things I can really think of is when I couldn’t feel the baby, and went to hospital to find out that the placenta was in the way of her kicks, and I had fluid on my lungs and actually worried about the health of the baby. I had the same amount of energy I’d had before the pregnancy, and I was walking the same distances, which was about 6 miles nearly every day. I took on so much stress, but was almost unrealistically calm. My eating habits didn’t really change much. I was eating when I really needed to rather than three meals a day. To be honest, I was working, going home and napping. Although this was pretty much the same beforehand. I actually would’ve continued to work until I dropped if I could, but unfortunately that wasn’t an option!
I honestly had a great pregnancy, and I felt good too. I interacted with the baby throughout as if she was already here. I did also have cravings of black olives and CHALK!
Then, I gave birth 4 days early with 36 hours in slow labour and 40 minutes delivering. Pretty perfect if you ask me!


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