The New Mum Tag

Time really does fly, and you struggle to fit all the cute moments into your brain as they keep piling up. Truth is, parenting is the most amazing job anyone could’ve given me, and I find myself staring at my two week old little girl for hours on end.
Here, we have the new mum tag. Thanks for reading!

1. When did your baby arrive? 
09th November 2017
2. Did you deliver early / were on time / overdue? 
Just 4 days early! Exactly the same as what my mum carried me.
3. In three words describe a typical day as a new mum… 
Unpredictable, rewarding and messy.
4. Who do you think your baby looks like? 
I have been told by so many people that Harlow looks so much like me, and I’m beginning to see it myself, BUT… nobody except me knows what her Dad looks like.
5. What has been one highlight of mummyhood so far? 
So, Harlow is only 2 weeks old, but I’d have today that when she pooed after being constipated. How funny.
6. What aspect has been the hardest?
The fact she was constipated and when she came out in a rash and became very restless.
7. Have you had any hilarious moments?
I laugh at Harlow’s little facial expressions every  single day.
8. Do you think becoming a mum has changed you? How? 
I was quite mature before Harlow, but she has definitely made me fall in love like I never thought I could and made me so protective.
9. Do you get mummy guilt? 
A little – especially when she cried for hours and nothing made her feel better.
10. Is there any piece of equipment you just couldn’t live without?
It sounds stupid but her blankets. She LOVES them.
11. What’s one dream you have for your baby?
That she knows she can be whoever and whatever she wants to be and she can achieve whatever she wants.
12. What’s one piece of advice you would give to other new mums?
To follow your instinct, and to just do what makes you and baby happy. Also, not to worry too much. Also, remember that there may be times when you don’t get everything right and that’s okay, you ride it out and try again. It’s okay and we’re all learning.
Hope all new mums are doing good.


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