First Week With Baby.

Good evening.
The first two nights my beautiful little girl, Harlow-Rae, slept amazing. So amazing that I knew it was too good to be true. I mean, up only once during the night for a feed and then sleeping until 8am, surely not?  The third night? Well, she was very unsettled and cried almost every couple of hours. I didn’t mind though, because I know that’s just how babies are. They’re meant to cry and meant to be unsettled sometimes. That’s common. Plus, I’d had experience from looking after my nieces (who would literally cry through the night). Day four and she seemed to settle again, although, the only problem was that she wouldn’t settle in her cot; AT ALL. Every time I placed her in there, she would cry so loud. I tried gently rocking, putting a nightlight on, lullabies, all sorts, but nothing worked (and still doesn’t). It isn’t recommended for mums who are bottle feeding, but she is bed sharing with me at the moment, and I’m hoping she will be able to sleep in her cot at some point. Although, I know that the more she shares with me, the harder it will be to get her to settle in her cot in the near future (oops)!
THEN, Harlow became constipated. She was literally crying out in pain, and day seven meant a lot of crying, trying to soothe, and googling every possible solution. Turns out, the best thing other mums have used are cotton bud and warm water to the bum hole and also an ounce of cooled boiled water. I don’t know which one worked better but day eight and she was doing lovely poos – I could’ve framed them. I’m quite a chilled mum, but this did worry me because she just seemed to be in pain. My advice? Don’t worry too much about it, because your baby will probably sense it, and that could stress them out even more. Just relax, try the water and try the cotton bud. I’ve also heard that if you’re baby is likely to get constipated or have colic, then changing the milk to Actamil worked wonders for some.
She’s now a lovely empty baby who has been catching up on her lost sleep! She’s a delight, and I feel very lucky to have her in my life.


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