Exercising while pregnant

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve not had enough motivation or energy to exercise during my pregnancy. Not only do I live alone, so I come home to walk the dog, do the house work and sleep; but I also had a full time job which was quite demanding.
BUT, for those who burst with energy (applaud for you) and feel up to exercising, this post is for you!

Not only does it keep you fit, but there are (apparently) endless positives throughout.

  • Larger placenta – more nutrients to your baby.
  • Lower risk of gestational diabetes and C-section.
  • Increased fitness for labour, delivery and toting around your newborn.
  • Faster return to pre-pregnancy figure and weight.

You should aim to get at least 30 minutes of exercise per day while pregnant!


Adjust your goals
Don’t go crazy. Just focus on maintaining fitness instead of gaining muscle and losing fat.

Manage your body temp.
Your temp needs to be under 38 degrees celsius; especially during the third trimester. Remember to keep hydrated!

Keep heart rate in check
You should be able to carry on conversation without getting out of breath!



You want to choose exercise like swimming, cycling, walking, or an elliptical machine. Definitely avoid contact sports!
Weight training is fine too. Choose something that supports your spine and back, stay upright and breathe naturally.


Start slow and work your way up; especially if you’re new to exercising.

Good luck on your fitness journey.



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