Mental Health

Mental Health Milestone

Good evening all.
Well, it’s a lovely thought that I could be your nighttime read! I feel honoured!
I had quite a productive day today. Took my little pooch for a walk with my Dad before coming home to finish watching my fifth movie of this week. Then, I had an appointment with my CPN (Community Psychiatric Nurse) at 2pm.
I’ve been in the Mental Health System for 10 years. I’ve seen 9 different health professionals within that time too. 2 and a half years ago, I finally got to see someone who has honestly helped me so much. From being diagnosed with BPD, to trying a ton of different medication, and having therapy session after therapy session, keeping my mouth shut about what I went through when I was younger and now? I’ve been signed off. It’s been 10 whole years but I actually got signed off. I don’t have to see anyone anymore because they’re so happy with my progress.

This is only a little post because in all honesty? I’m hungry and tired.

I’ll write soon.


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